Sunday, 4 December 2016

Dainty Kane Recommends, Ladies of Lineage

t is difficult to find the perfect dress as there is so much on the market it can sometimes be overwhelming!
And so we were delighted and to be honest a tad relieved to find `Ladies of Lineage` , they have an unbelievably beautiful collection to suit all shapes ,sizes , tastes and budgets all under one roof.
Ladies of Lineage is ran by two wedding enthusiasts Natasha & Jodene who go out of their way to ensure their customers find the perfect dress for their wedding wedding day. They stock an array of beautiful sought after international brands such as `Aire Barcelona` , `Theia Couture` and `Lis Simon`
You can visit their U.S based boutique in Charlotte , North Carolina or if you outside the U.S you can simply order online at , for all queries contact Natasha at 
For daily inspiration follow their tweets at @ladiesoflineage
Here we have given you a glimpse of the fabulous wedding gowns they have to offer.... enjoy! 


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